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But I needed bigger boobs, and there was no way I was waiting around for Mother Nature's blessing -- much less for Victoria to reveal her secrets to me.

At fourteen I couldn't really afford implants, so I did the next best thing and started reaching out to bathroom products.

When I say I stuffed myself every day, I don't mean gorging on burgers and fries.

I filled my training bra to the brim (or as far as those baby cups could go) with tons of good old-fashioned affordable Kleenex. That means 100-degree temps and 200 percent humidity -- so let's just say it wasn't exactly comfortable when all those tissues started getting moist and sticky.

Dickinson took revenge on Ford by signing with her agency and then jumping ship to Elite when she became established in the US.

After the end of her marriage to Ninja Turtle producer Simon Fields, Dickinson celebrated, and nine months later had a daughter named Savannah.

Now, after years of experience as a supermodel –– being stitched into clothing, starving herself, and undergoing cosmetic surgery –– Janice debunks the beauty myths and breaks down what's real and what's not. And I'm Perfect How far will your average supermodel go to look fabulous before, during, and after the hot-hot days of a modeling career?

Drawing on her vast knowledge of fashion, beauty care, and fitness, Janice offers no–nonsense advice and tips on how to look and feel your best on your own terms. Well, let's take a quick trek down Memory Lane to Perfection Junction because highlights like this -- well, they ain't pretty.

Somewhere between the antipasto and the second bottle of vino, I looked down and noticed something clammy between my legs -- something that had nothing to do with Frank.

It was the 1970s, and the ideal models were blonde girl-next-door types like Cheryl Tiegs, but Dickinson was a self described "Polish-mutt niggerlips".

She was turned down by Eileen Ford but ended up going to Paris after Lorraine Bracco told her photographer boyfriend that she liked Dickinson's look.

[1] Although Dickinson has maintained in several interviews and her autobiography No Lifeguard on Duty that she was born in 1955, other sources give it as 1953 or 1954. Her birthday is also given variously as February 15 and February 17. heart attack)Mother: Jennie Marie Pietrzykoski Dickinson (nurse)Sister: Alexis Dickinson (real estate agent)Sister: Debbie Dickinson (model)Husband: Simon Fields (producer, m. 24-Feb-1993, with Birnbaum)Husband: Ron Levy (musician, div.)Husband: Albert Gerston (div.)Husband: Robert Gerner ("Rocky", pyschiatrist, m.

In Everything About Me Is Fake..I'm Perfect, the hilarious and candid follow–up to the national bestseller No Lifeguard on Duty, Janice Dickinson tackles our society's unattainable standards of beauty and reveals the secrets behind her own lifelong struggle to achieve perfection –– from her bra–stuffing days as a flat–chested teenager through her career as the world's first supermodel to her ultimate comeback as a bestselling author and television star on the top–rated reality television hit America's Next Top Model.

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Even as she graced the glossy pages of Vogue and Cosmo, Janice had to struggle to keep up the image of brazen self–confidence and bravado that became her trademark.