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Chaturika piris

He burst in to anger while discussing and threw a ash tray towards my father. If he can treat my father that way I wonder what he will do to me” Replying to the rumors about the affair she is having with actor Menaka Rajapaksha , “ Menaka is one of my best friends in the industry, I use to talk to him about my matters as were friends even before I met Nirmal.

He is my best friend ever since we acted in “Muthu Krilli” and now in “Amanda” Nirmal and I had arguments even before our marriage, so there is nothing to do with my friendship with Menaka to this. Nirmal has threatened to tarnish my reputation and popularity ,but I am ready to face him.

We have a responsibility from the moment of the child's education and after she grows up till she gets married. decisions about things we will be doing will be taken in a way that the child will not be inconvenienced. Gaya too does not like I being confined to domestic work as a wife at home. If there is no faith in the character I portray ... It does not matter whether I get a role as a mother or some other as an actress. I get a feeling that I do not feel content if those things are handled by others. I of course do not attend to any cooking activities at home. we would have to sell these property and lands and go overseas.

Even where are our professional activities are concerned; we would be attending to so that it would not impeded child's activities. I of course did not have an urge that I want to eat. Either a person who works at home or our mother handles that aspect. Acting and production activities have become the main lines of ou income. There is no such thought of going abroad and living there.

According to Nehara , she was living with her parents for the last couple of weeks.

Two of them were married after an affair of two years and had several arguments during that period.

“My parents were initially against our marriage because of the clashes we had, but I had my own ideas as we were in love for a long period.

The delivery date of baby is about two or two and a half months more.

Most activities we were engaged in during the Easter attack were delayed. It is only in an environment after I get my baby that I will accept new assignments as such.

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