Chattanooga nudity

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Chattanooga nudity

Believe it or not, naked skydiving is actually a "thing" in skydiving. Many would say that jumping from 13,000 feet is extreme. Even supermodels don't look runway worthy falling at 120mph as it pulls on skin in ways that don't show your best side. This is something many people don't think about when visualizing a naked skydive and is why we don't offer this as an option to our guests. So, if you're thinking about jumping in the buff, realize it's fun, but may not be all you thought it would be!

It's been part of the culture for as long as anyone can recall and frankly... Here we'll take on this delicate topic of why people want to jump naked and also highlight the cons of jumping in the buff. To tell the world that you've jumped from a perfectly good airplane while naked... Imagine being at the bar sharing your experience with your friends. Not every skydive has people landing on their feet or in the designated landing area. Yeah, it can hurt and leave you with marks to remind you about your naked jump for weeks after.

Please be aware Paradise Valley Resort & Club is a Private Nudist Community.

We welcome first time visitors to see if our club is right for you.

Paradise Valley Resort & Club is a member based nudist community.

We are a private member club only serving our members within our gated community.

Founded in 1976 as a Sun Club for a small group of friends.

In 1978 the Valley officially opened as Hidden Valley Resort, a nudist campground for Atlanta area couples and singles looking for a place to explore nature in the nude.

Starting today, we are now accepting reservations for Phase 2 & 3.

Please visit, enjoy, become a member and part of the Valley Family.

Please be advised that purchasing a Home, Condo, RV Site or leasing a place of your own at Paradise Valley does not give you automatic access to the club.

These lots will be reserved quickly and no other residential lots will be available.

Please see Jeff or call Sarah in the office, 706-265-6110.

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When it comes to naked skydiving, it's the furthest thing from sexual or attractive.

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