Bsd updating

Posted by / 06-Jun-2020 03:13

There isn't an easy answer for what you're trying to do.You just have a ton of new information to learn, and most of it will be specific to the individual projects (at least for compiling).I am not sure if it if I update cmake from source and get the packages that it depends on can I build other cmake packages useing the gui? I don't know why so many users are getting angry that I want to get new packages. They are losing funding, they are getting polictical, they are not fixing bugs, and any thing not 64bit is dieing.

This is required nowdays as most of us have to move files to one of these OS's for real world work. I don't use X86 hardware for any thing other then school and work.I know at one time you could switch out the linux base for the BSD base on Normal Debian. I know some use a seperate /home partion, but that does not work for me. I also don't like having to start out with just a terminal. I though can not use UFS as it is not good enough like EXT4 or NTFS. Free BSD does not want to make a MIT driver for there kernel so we can get a good file sytem for the desktop.Free BSD is not as bad as Net BSD as it mounts file systems by defualt unlike Net BSD where you have to do it manuly. Just like XFS it is cool for a server, but not for desktops.The defualt repo's that come with the ISO's don't work.That means you have to use the ones on the web site.

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I don't like gnome or there politics and I will not get into how I am no longer toliant of the communitys as most just keep getting more annoying to me and I just don't want to deal with them.