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Bsd ports updating file

Version 1.6 of the client (update fetching and applying) code is available from the Free BSD ports tree as security/freebsd-update.

I used to have a link to the tarball here, but lots of people managed to install it wrong; so I'm not going to link to it.

Free BSD Update 1.4 will complain about files which have been locally modified.

Thanks to all the donors who contributed to allow me to purchase the system I'm using the build these updates; in particular, BSD Mall and the readership of made large contributions.The Free BSD OS is no different; its benefactor, the Free BSD Foundation ensures that OS updates are on a regular, scheduled basis.Additional installed software also may require updates to ensure smooth running code.Free BSD Update is a system for automatically building, distributing, fetching, and applying binary security updates for Free BSD.This makes it possible to easily track the Free BSD security branches without the need for fetching the source tree and recompiling (except on the machine building the updates, of course).

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Be aware that Free BSD Update cannot distinguish between intentionally modified files and those which have merely been recompiled.

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