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Meanwhile, Cory and Shawn expect special treatment from their "friend", Mr. Guest stars: Shaun Weiss as Louie, Madison Eginton as Young Rachel Absent: Lindsay Ridgeway as Morgan Matthews Now that Cory and Topanga both know that Shawn and Angela still love each other, they have conflicting views on what to do about it – especially when, unbeknownst to each other, Cory invites Shawn to join their family Christmas, while Topanga invites Angela.Topanga wants to let well enough alone, but Cory misses no opportunity to bring his friends together, but the consequences are not exactly what he wants: after they finally kiss, Angela expresses her love for Shawn, but he protests that he is "not ready" to make the same commitment, and she storms off for good.

Guest stars: Jeanne Jackson as Instructor, Kirsten Nelson as Jessica, Heather Marie Wayne as Kelly, Karim Prince as Ron Absent: William Daniels as George Feeny, Lindsay Ridgeway as Morgan Matthews Shawn and Jack's ne'er-do-well father, Chet, re-appears on campus suddenly and, confronted by an angry Shawn, promises that he has come to stay and make amends with his sons for never being there for them.It was broadcast as part of the ABC comedy block TGIF on Friday evening, airing at between Two of a Kind and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. He accepts, they then sneak off to elope, while Eric and Jack get a new roommate named Rachel, who they immediately start competing for. Guest stars: Bill Morey as Judge Bemis, Connie Sawyer as Foofie Note: Trina Mc Gee-Davis and Maitland Ward join the main cast.If he was stunned when Topanga proposed, then Cory is completely speechless when Topanga comes to realize that she cannot say "I do".The newlywed party is later turned into a retirement party for Mr.Feeny, which is then interrupted by an angry (and comedic) diatribe from Eric.

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She, of course, does – and reminds Cory that wearing the ring in the first place was his idea, and that he remains free to do what he wants, but within reason.

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