Biblical dating boundaries C2c chat

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This one grated on my nerves less than I was expecting – much less.

TAKEAWAY: Learning to have good boundaries in dating is work, and takes some time.

This isn't the most difficult read ever and some of the points are a little "Duh", but overall – interesting points about the need for boundaries and some food for thought when trying to balance emotion and logic.

I) You and your boundaries -Why boundaries in dating? Boundaries protect by letting others know what you will and will not tolerate.- You and only you are responsible for what is inside your boundaries.Still, the wise principles contained therein might benefit those wrapping their head around a counter-cultural approach to relationships. Coming from very broken relationship in the past, this book reminded me about the importance of setting healthy boundaries, the people whom I choose to date, how to deal with conflicts and how important your support system is.I think it gave me a lot of perspective and thought about moulding myself to be a better person (not just in relationships) but also life in general.offers illuminating insights for romance that can help you grow in freedom, honesty, and self-control as you pursue a healthy dating relationship that will lead to a healthy marriage. It brings reality to her, so that she can change directions and try new ways of solving her problems.""In a mature relationship, romantic idealization waxes and wanes through the connection at various times. It creates support for the person as she struggles and fails.

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I can see this book being helpful to those seeking to date differently than what movies portray, but I didn't get a whole lot out of it since I'd grown up reading Harris and Ludy and other courtship advocates.