Bea binene and jake vargas dating

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Bea binene and jake vargas dating

Glaiza De Castro is starring in the upcoming drama series on GMA-7 ‘Contessa’ She shares the state of her love life as of the moment and how she’s patiently waiting for someone to come Glaiza [Read More] President Benigno Aquino III has been known as a long time bachelor, and apparently, this is not going to change any time soon.

Our rapid-fire roundup of things happening in Philippine showbiz. JAKE AND BEA BACK TOGETHER Jabea fans are sure celebrating now that their idols, Jake Vargas and Bea Binene, have gotten back together, after breaking up three months ago.

Binene is an actress, singer, dancer and an athlete based in the Philippines. However, the couple finally separated in 2014 citing immaturity problem in the relationship.

Despite the breakup, Bea said she is happy for Jake Vargas.

Jake surprised Bea with flowers when they had a Tween Hearts reunion last Nov.

3, apologized for his shortcomings, and even talked with Bea’s mom to say sorry.

People thought that he's dating a girl named Cat but I don't think it's true Jake vargas have gf and her name is Clarisse (Candy Cat) Candy Cat Von Monroe You could follow her on twitter if you want.

Jake Vargas, 24, was romantically linked to Bea Binene in 2012.Nonetheless, they remain as close as ever and even consider each other as gym buddies.The last relationship Bea had was with Jake Vargas which ended almost three years ago but the two still remained friends after their break up.Bea on the other hand told that it wasn’t hard to let Jake back in her life and that she’s glad they’re back together because she missed their fun times together.Jake shares that he plans to focus on his career now instead of his 3.

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