Are sedating antihistamines addictive strombo is he dating

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Are sedating antihistamines addictive

Anecdotal evidence about diphenhydramine highs indicates that the effects are more often uncomfortable and unsettling instead of enjoyable.Attempts at getting high on Benadryl may be indicative of larger issues with addiction or substance abuse.There are still metabolites from diphenhydramine’s breakdown in the body, so taking another dose of Benadryl before the full effects wear off may be dangerous.Too much Benadryl can lead to an overdose and taking the drug with other potent substances can increase the risk of overdose.

Over a period of three to five years, you receive tiny but increasing amounts of the allergen until you reach a maintenance dose. During that time, your allergy symptoms should become less intense.Because Benadryl is easy to acquire, it may be the first drug abused by an adolescent, or it could be a drug abused after struggling with other substances.Regardless, it is important to get help ending substance abuse.Misuse of the medication may occur because people do not properly read the directions, mix it with alcohol or other intoxicants, or take too much of it at once.Any form of misuse can be dangerous and may result in severe side effects or an overdose..

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It's very unusual to build up a tolerance to antihistamine medications.

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