Are dan and emma dating

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Emma has over 1.4 million subscribers on her main channel , 200K on her now deleted side channels (emmablackery vlogs / boxes of foxes ), and 17K on a separate inactive channel (emmaforthewin).

She also had a gaming channel called Birdy Boots (Birdy Boots) with around 150K subscribers before its deletion.

To all harry/hermoine fans i think dan is in love with Emma and Emma is in love with dan though they don't admit it many people thinks that they're more than friends! that answers everything....therefore they reall are in love with each other...

) is a British You Tube vlogger, comedian, and musician from Essex, England.

In 2009, Emma began uploading on a new channel called "These Silent Seas", which is still on You Tube as of June 2018 ( These Silent Seas ).

This channel consists almost solely of music videos.

After a five month period of inactivity, Emma rebooted the channel as emmablackery vlogs on 7th June 2016.You can do this by having a friend take some new photos of you that show your good side and are enticing pictures.Remember that sometimes you have a drought in the world of online dating and is usually temporary and will pass very quickly.In 2012, Emma began uploading on a channel called "emmaforthewin ", which currently only has eight videos available publicly, giving the impression that she has privatized many others.The most popular of those videos left on her channel is "My Very First Dating (Rap) Video ", which currently has over 280,000 views. Emma continued to use this channel until a year after the creation of her current main channel.

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After the creation of this series and it's presumed demise, Blackery began to create comedy vlogs, inspired by her You Tube inspiration Shane Dawson, in December 2012.