Are carrie and alex dating

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" I cried and filled her big black ass with as much cum as I could muster! Alex was sitting and Carrie was straddling his waist.

The couple started dating each other since 1993 and got married after 17 years of a dating relationship. Amanda adopted her first child a baby girl, named Zoe. "Let's go to the basement and watch something on that nig television." "Don't we have to go soon? "So, start talking," I prompted Carrie as soon as we were alone. "Come on Robbie," Tina said, realizing that something was up. He was right, but Tina took him by the hand and led him away and neither Carrie or I stopped them. "I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven and we'll go to a movie. I'll even let you share my popcorn." "Thanks," she laughed, kissing me softly. I'm sure after we get to know each other better over the next few weeks, we'll get a chance to have some fun with my friends or yours again." "How about both? Flashes of Tina, Jill, Tara, Kanzi and Carrie passed through my mind. In most I could see their asses begging me for attention. We were still rocking back and forth when the others joined us. She was obviously enjoying herself, but I'm sure that at least a part of her still didn't believe what was happening. I watched for a moment, but then focused on fucking her pussy and kissing her breasts. " he cried and I smiled, remembering that Kanzi hadn't let him fuck her there yet. The water was splashing all over the place, but no one seemed to mind! It wasn't that bad, but we didn't want Carrie to get into trouble so we spent some time cleaning up. I was causing quite a splash in the hot tub with each thrust, but Carrie didn't seem to mind the mess I was causing. Not with all of us giving her the attention we were, but that didn't stop her from screaming a moment later and shuddering in what had to be the best orgasm of her life! Tina mounted my cock and dropped down until my cock was fully buried in her. She grabbed hold of Alex's cock and worked quite a bit of it into her mouth. Alex's hips was slamming into Kanzi's big dark chocolate ass as she continued to cum. It took a while for any of us to be able to focus, but when we could we spend quite a while with towels cleaning up Carrie's parents' room. Kanzi also smiled as she left, but she still seemed a bit shocked at what happened. Tina helped Carrie strip the beds once again and do the laundry while Robbie and I went to clean up the game room.

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There is no detail information about Carrie Schenken career.

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