Apatite u thhe dating

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Apatite u thhe dating

Sixty-two laser-ablation analyses of a single large crystal of Durango fluorapatite yielded an inverse-variance weighted mean U date of 31.46 ± 0.48 Ma and an inverse-variance weighted mean (U-Th-Sm)/He date of 31.75 ± 0.60 Ma, both of which are in good agreement with previously published conventional dates.

While these results are encouraging, several factors suggest that LADD may be less useful for detrital apatites than for detrital zircons given widely available analytical instrumentation.

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Duango Apatite Age Standard (2004) Helix SFT Noble Gas Mass-Spec and Extraction Line for 4He/3He Analysis In 2012, the UT (U-Th)/He laboratory added a Thermo Helix SFT magnetic sector mass-spectrometer with dedicated UHV extraction and purification line.

The line will be equipped with a diode laser for laser heating, two light-bulb furnaces for low-temperature step heating, and a Photon Machine Analyte G.2 Excimer Laser Ablation system for laser-ablation He dating development.

TY - JOURT1 - U/Pb and (U-Th-Sm)/He “double” dating of detrital apatite by laser ablation T2 - A critical evaluation AU - Horne, Alexandra M.The quadrupole He mass spectrometry systems consist of the following principle components: 1) One Photonmachine 30W Diode Laser and two Photonmachine 75W Diode lasers and a U. Laser continuous-mode Nd-YAG lasers for total fusion He laser extraction, ideal for single-crystal work (see House et al., 2000), 2) two separate all-metal extraction lines equipped with computer-controlled pneumatic Nupro valves and pumped by a combination of ion, turbo and rough pumps, 3) precise volume aliquot systems for spiking sample gas with 3He for isotope dilution, 4) precise volume aliquot systems for delivering a 4He standard with separate depletion tank systems to monitor 4He tank depletion, 5) gas purification system consisting of two SAES NP10 getters and two Janis cryogenic trap capable of separating He from other gases by variable temperature release at 16-37K, and 6) two Blazers Prisma QMS-200 quadrupole mass spectrometer for measuring 3He/4He ratios.Our helium isotope dilution procedure allows very low-blank ( *reference age is published (U-Th)/He age; sample used by several laboratories as intra- and inter-laboratory age standard.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.

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These principally reflect the propensity for apatites to have comparatively lower U Th concentrations, and thus lower radiogenic He and Pb concentrations, as well as high concentrations of common Pb.

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