Am i dating the wrong man Chatroom sexy au quebec

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Am i dating the wrong man

Then you moved in with him after only a few months. He was well aware of what I did since that was how we met so he participated as well and I don't believe that you should expect someone you barely know to change their lifestyle for you when that was my only income at the time, regardless of if he agreed with it or not.

You can't possibly know someone well enough at that point to make any long term decisions about your life for them. He had unrealistic expectations of taking a sex worker "off the market," and you don't trust each other. True, but I told him that I would take my profiles down through time once we got to know each other more and I trusted him.

The benefit of leaving that would be worth more than whatever financial reason you think that it brings. He had unrealistic expectations of taking a sex worker "off the market," and you don't trust each other. Yes I agree and I've since quit for good but the issue that I am having is how it applies to our relationship.

You both have done things "wrong." You shouldn't have agreed to give up your only source of income for someone you had known about a month. You also didn't abide by the agreement you two had, and left your profiles up. I think that was something that I needed to decide for myself and not his decision to make.

The one condition that he had was that he wanted me to quit my work.

Now mind you, this was in the first month of dating.The part that I left out is that he is currently still married and going through a divorce but at the beginning of our relationship he was still living with his wife even though he said they were not together anymore.I agreed to quit with the stipulation that I keep all my profiles active for a while until the relationship progressed and I knew and trusted him enough to take everything down. The only reason that I agreed to stop is because he said he would support me even though it wasnt what I was making before and he did most of the time.We had issues off and on and he started to get angry that I wouldnt take my profiles down in the next month or two.

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